Ten Reasons Spock is the Most Fascinating Vulcan

I came across this nifty web page by Laura Goodwin, laying out the reasons Spock is so awesome. Click here to see the entire page. I have copied and pasted her sweet Top 10 list below. Thanks, Laura! Now I’m even more Hot 4 Spock! 🙂

10) Spock kicks ass: Spock is a powerfully effective person. For good or ill, if Spock sets out to accomplish a thing, he becomes a juggernaut of unstoppable will. He gets the job done, by gum, and in ways that sometimes seem magical. He may be half-Vulcan, but there is nothing else half-way about him.

9) Spock is a rock: Spock has a solid moral core. True, he has some extremely, um, *innovative* ideas about right and wrong, but he is definitely a good guy, not a bad guy. He may not agree with the people around him, but he certainly does have the courage of his convictions. If he thinks he’s doing the right thing, he doesn’t care what anybody else thinks about it. He trusts in himself more than in anybody else, often for good reason.

8) Spock is a rare and precious genius-hero: He (unlike many other fictional heroes) is incredibly smart. He is a fiendishly clever S.O.B. He can instantly calculate complex equations and huge sums in his head. That’s just plain impressive, not to mention extremely handy at times. His mind is well-educated, and well-informed, to such an extent that he’s virtually a walking encyclopedia of useful knowledge. He’s intellectually independent: sees things other people don’t see, and he doesn’t need other people to tell him what to think about it, either. Intellectually powerful, nimble, and able – Spock naturally is very broadminded and liberal in his views. Like Captain Kirk, Spock is generously accepting of a wide variety of alien lifestyles.

7) Spock, although a geek, is not a wimp! Spock is incredibly brave. In Devil in the Dark, for example, Kirk (who is not a timid guy) cowered in the background, back against the wall, phaser clenched tightly in his trembling hand, while Spock calmly approached the Horta (a creature that secretes an acid corrosive enough to melt rock instantly, and BTW, which was a proven killer). Spock touched the Horta, and sat right down next to it, and leaned into the mothereffer as if he was preparing to milk it! THAT TOOK BIG HUGE TITANIUM BALLS. Spock is adventurous and daring, and not timid or squeamish at all. He dislikes killing on moral grounds, not because he’s afraid of bloodshed. He’s fearless about shedding his own blood for a worthy cause.

6) Spock is tougher than tough: Spock is much stronger than a human being. He has incredible stamina, too. For example, he can manage with out food and sleep for much longer periods than the average human could. He can withstand stresses that might kill a human being, which in dangerous situations makes it possible for him to accomplish otherwise impossible things. He nevertheless is very gentle, except in battle, or when engaged in self-defense. He doesn’t use his strength abusively.

5) Spock is not a work-work-work wonk: Spock is well-rounded, and fabulously talented. We know that he can play his lyre, and a piano, but for all we know he could play any musical instrument he likes. He doesn’t just play music, he can instantly learn a new piece of music just by reading it, and play it perfectly the first time he tries (Refer: Requiem For Methuselah). Spock’s phenomenal musical understanding helped to save the day in Paradise Syndrome. He can dance! He sings like an angel! He sang beautifully in Plato’s Stepchildren. He also has a tender side: humans and animals like him, for example.

4) Unlike most other Vulcans we have met, Spock is sexy: Yes, he is! He’s got a very distinctive, *sexy* voice. Doesn’t he!? Doesn’t he!? You know what I say is true. Nobody else sounds like Spock. You could pick him out even in pitch black darkness, Right? And some of you would like to try, right? He ain’t bad lookin’! Some people really go for that exotic (and somewhat demonic) kind of a thing that he has going on. His strength and gentle grace are sexy. He’s tall and fashionably slim, with devilish eyes and kissable lips. His hands are beautiful. And his hair is so soft and shiny that your palms just itch to pet him, don’t they? Don’t they? Well, anyway, mine do. You wanna pet his yummy dark, silky chest hair too… doncha? ohhhh YEAH! Admit it.

3) Spock is fiercely, passionately devoted: There is nothing tentative about his love. Spock is a powerful ally, and as a companion, his love knows no bounds. Spock’s awesome support is one big reason why Captain Kirk can be so confident. Kirk knows that with such an uncommonly talented and powerful friend/companion solidly on his side, he is in great shape.

2) Spock can mind-meld, and more: We recently learned that most Vulcans can’t/don’t do this, but Spock certainly can, and he’s a grandmaster of the art. He also has other extremely cool telepathic abilities that are useful in many situations. For example, he can sense and manipulate other minds at a distance, even without touching, This certainly could have some interesting erotic uses. He’d know what you were feeling without you having to even say anything, even from across the room, so without question he should be able to be a dynamite lover, too, and he probably is one.

1) Spock is not boring: Spock’s story is a highly dramatic, symbolically complex, and adventure-packed story that is full of surprises and weird twists of fate! Just when you think you have a handle on who he is and what he’s about, he throws out another curveball. Despite this, he’s modest and very private, absolutely secretive: which is kind of refreshing when compared to all the “It’s all about me because I’m so fabulous” people. He likes to keep people guessing, which makes it hard to take him for granted. He also likes to make himself utterly indispensable, which of course makes it impossible to live without him. Ask Kirk!

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