1×06 – Mudd’s Women

Premise: The crew chases down a rogue vessel, blowing out the Enterprise’s lithium crystals in the process. The captain of the vessel is a weird, suspicious smuggler transporting 3 particularly lovely ladies. Kirk tries to get some new lithium crystals from a nearby mining operation, but thanks to the smuggler, the miners only want to trade the crystals for the women! Are these women actually as beautiful as they seem?

Right from the beginning, this is a very awkward episode. I’m not too excited to learn about this ‘cargo of young lovelies’ and what sort of effect they’re having on the men of the ship.

9:20 – Spock isn’t affected by the women like the rest of the crew are, but he gives Jim some really cute raised-eyebrow expressions as he watches them walk by.



15:35 – The ladies start to work their magic on McCoy. I don’t like the way the image gets soft & fuzzy when a woman is supposed to look attractive. Seems like a really pointless and ineffective camera technique.

31:12 – Spock, in reference to a lithium crystal: “Even burned and cracked, they’re beautiful. Destroying them was a shame.” I like how Spock finds the beauty in things. 🙂

42:36 – Hahaha, they use ROUND playing cards in the future! I actually have a deck of round playing cards, and they suck. They get bent in all different directions and they’re difficult to shuffle.

Gah, I’m offended by the whole concept of this Venus drug that gives people “more of what they have.” So a women gets more femininity, but not more intellect or more strength? Basically, all the drug does is make make-up magically appear on your face. Woo-hoo.

48:40 – Ha, it’s another case of McCoy making fun of Spock’s alien anatomy, and Spock stating that he’s more-than-pleased to have a different layout from McCoy. A strange little rivalry they have on this subject.

Spock: “I’m happy the affair is over. A most annoying emotional episode.”
McCoy: “Smack, right in the old heart.” (Hits his fist to his chest) “Oh I’m sorry, in your case it would be about here.” (Hits his fist on his left side)
Spock: (Slight smirk) “The fact that my internal arrangement differs from yours, doctor, pleases me in no end.”


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