May 2013

Me: A 30-year-old female who’s love for Star Trek: The Original Series was ignited by the 2009 reboot film. I started this blog right after that film with the intention of quickly working through TOS episode-by-episode, but I got stalled around episode 20. Now that I’ve seen Star Trek: Into Darkness (which I love love LOVED), my passion for the characters of Kirk and Spock has intensely resurfaced, and I’m hoping to finish my journey through Star Trek! As a K/S shipper, my main goal is to find all of those adorable, delightfully stomach-flipping moments of friendship (or more??) between the two. I’m also keeping track of all of Spock’s Vulcan nerve pinches, mind melds, and salutes.

I am mainly writing this blog for myself, because I see a long future of Star Trek fandom ahead of me, and it’s simply fun to keep track of all of my favorite moments. If you happen to feel similarly about Spock’s hotness, please comment!

May 2009

Me: A mid-twenties female who has never seen any Star Trek episode or movie. I have loved a number of other space/sci-fi shows, including Star Wars, The X-Files, Stargate SG-1, and Firefly. But for some reason, I always resisted watching Star Trek. It didn’t look interesting to me at ALL. But this past weekend, all that changed. I went to see the new Star Trek movie, and I LOVED it. It was hugely entertaining, visually engaging, fast-paced, and funny. Of course, my favorite aspect of the film was the power struggle between Kirk & Spock. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto had a great on-screen chemistry. I found Quinto’s portrayal of Spock to be particularly intriguing…and he’s HOT!! I walked away from the film totally Hot4Spock. Thus, I created this blog. I want to see more Star Trek and more Spock. My mission: To watch all Spock-related Star Trek, starting with the first episode of the original series, and to seek out particularly adorable/funny/interesting Spock moments. As someone who’s always been a fan of deep partner relationships on TV, and who likes some slash fanfic now & then, I’ll also be looking for moments of friendship between Kirk & Spock, as well as moments that can be construed as more than friendship. ;) For any new trekkies or fellow Spock-lovers, I welcome your comments!

This is a personal blog not in any way affiliated with the creators, actors, or producers of Star Trek. I am using some screen captures from Star Trek: The Original Series to illustrate my newfound love for the show and for the character Spock. I took all of the screen captures myself. I am not making any profit from the use of these names or images and simply wish to communicate my appreciation for the show with other trekkies. I hope to bring some new fans to Star Trek!

7 Comments on “About”

  1. Zandra Says:

    Hey~! 😀 Seems like we’re in the same boat: I’m in my 20s too and my mom’s been a Trekker for years (she watched TOS as a teenager) but I’ve only just gotten into it as of the new movie. Your comments on the series are really funny and I’ve gotten a kick out of reading your entries! Here’s to lovin’ the Spock!love (and the K/S on the side, of course ^_~)


  2. accadia Says:

    I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but thank you for creating this blog! I am in my(very) early thirties and am totally in the closet about my completely new found love of Star Trek TOS

  3. accadia Says:

    …and more specifically, Spock. It is serious! I’m glad to see I have a community to affiliate myself with. I too have started watching every single episode of TOS from the beginning just to see more Spock and I’m almost through season 2. Please keep posting. Your blog is awesome!

  4. Therese Says:

    What a nice, fun site! As a fellow Spock admirer, I want to share my Trek blog with you too — I have a feature called “My Daily Spock” and I’ve been a Trek @ Nimoy fan since the ’70’s. I met Leonard back in 1978 and I’ll eventually write this in my blog–Enjoy!
    Therese Bohn

  5. Live long and Prosper. Stop by for a piece of cake celebrating Nimoys birthday.

  6. Erin Says:

    I too am in my mid twenties and saw the new movie recently. Of course I thought young Spock was a hottie, but I never thought I could lust after the 1967 Leonard Nimoy Spock of the original series….well I was wrong. My loins are in flames for Spock and I can’t stop watching Star Trek. I wish he were real! (Not Nimoy, Spock the character). I’m hopelessly nerdy. Glad I have company 🙂

  7. I can’t believe this blog is real! So I’m not the only one who waited until their 30s to indulge themself with this fantastic show. I am 35 and am a long-time vintage sci-fi fan (hooked on Twilight Zone, original 1960s Dr. Who and all kinds of old-school sci-fi books forever), but have resisted Star Trek for some reason until about a month ago. I think the only contact I’d ever had with anything Star Trek-related was when a friend in high school invited me to go see one of the zillion Star Trek movies in the theater, but I don’t remember it at all. I knew I would probably enjoy the original show, but holy crap! I had NO IDEA it would be absolutely so excellent and entertaining!

    I am also surprised to find myself completely hooked on Spock and his amazing hotness! Your blog got my attention today because about a week ago I changed one of my passwords to a phrase that includes “Hot4Spock.” No joke. I am getting serious anxiety about having just finished the second season, since after the next one there will be no more. I have also been having PG-13 Jr.-High-style crush dreams about Spock. He’s this beautiful 6-foot tall, severe and commanding, super intelligent, masculine badass drag queen-looking alien. He totally rocks the perfect eye makeup and supremely-sculpted eyebrow raise expression with a permanent 5 o’clock shadow and Bettie Page bangs, and all of this together somehow equals the most attractive TV character ever.

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