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1×20 – Court Martial

November 11, 2010

Premise: After surviving an ion storm, the Enterprise is orbiting Starbase 11 for repairs. One man was killed in the storm – Lt. Commander Finney, who had been aboard a research pod. Kirk submits a testimony that he jettisoned the pod after red alert, but the ship’s log shows he did so before red alert. Finney’s daughter and other officers at the Starbase all think Kirk murdered Finney. Kirk is put on trial…

16:15 – The computer in the courtroom reads Spock’s credentials:

Serial number: S179-276FP
Service rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: First Officer, Science Officer
Current assignment: USS Enterprise
Commendations: Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor, Awards of Valor, Twice Decorated by Star Fleet Command

I want to learn more about the “Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor” – it sounds pretty awesome. Think they have a yearly research symposium?

Vulcanian vs Vulcan

17:45 – Spock calls himself a “Vulcanian.” Is this interchangeable with “Vulcan”?

Spock: “I’m half Vulcanian. Vulcanians do not speculate.”

18:00 – Spock defends Kirk’s honor, like a good first officer (and good friend) should.

Spock: “Gentlemen, human beings have characteristics, just as inanimate objects do. It is impossible for Captain Kirk to act out of panic, or malice. It is not his nature.”
Prosecutor: “In your opinion.”
Spock: [Unhappy with the qualifier, but acquiescing.] “Yes. In my opinion.”

45:30 – Hooray, it’s the return of ripped-shirt Kirk! Finney has sabotaged the Enterprise, and Kirk has moments to “effect repairs” before the ship falls out of orbit and burns up in the planet’s atmosphere. Apparently, “effecting repairs” consists of nothing but crawling through a tunnel and yanking a few rubber tubes out of the wall.

49:20 – A shot of our threesome at the helm:


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