Star Trek References – The X-Files, Criminal Minds

I’ve been sitting around watching way too much TV this evening. To my surprise, both The X-Files and Criminal Minds brought me back to Star Trek!

The X-Files, Demons:

Mulder: “You’re a doctor, not a lawyer, Scully.”

OK, this obviously isn’t intended to be a Star Trek reference, but for the rest of my life, every time I hear someone say “I’m a doctor” or “You’re a doctor,” I’m going to think of Bones.

Criminal Minds, Compulsion:

Garcia: “Okay you know how on Star Trek when captain Kirk asks McCoy to do something totally impossible and McCoy says ‘Dammit Jim I’m a doctor, not a miracle worker?'”
Morgan: “Hey, what are you telling me, not to expect a miracle?”
Garcia: “No, I’m saying I’m not a doctor.”

Here are two more Criminal Minds Star Trek references:

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2 Comments on “Star Trek References – The X-Files, Criminal Minds”

  1. ViRo Says:

    Also heard while watching the Duke game today:

    Announcer: “I’m a lawyer, not a doctor!”

  2. Chip Says:

    On one criminal minds eppisode Reed makes the vulcan hand sign but his hand is facing away from the camera , he’s touching something but I can’t remember which eppisode. Reed is probably more like Data than Spock actually.

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