Back in Action – For Real This Time!

Hello! As you can tell, I kind of let this blog go by the wayside during the summer and fall. But I just re-watched the movie on DVD with my dad, and it reminded me how much I love the characters – Spock especially, of course. So I am going to continue my journey through TOS! 🙂 Thank you soooo much for the positive feedback you’ve given me on my previous posts.

I’ll write more about the movie later, but here’s one question I have upon seeing it for the 3rd time – why does Spock Prime just wait around on Delta Vega for Vulcan to be destroyed? If he knows there is a Starfleet outpost on the planet, why doesn’t he go there to warn everyone about Nero? It seems as though he’d been stranded on Delta Vega for 25 years, so he had plenty of time to prevent billions of people from dying. Is this just a plot flaw? Other than this, I am pretty impressed with the alternate reality plot and how it still allows the original crew to come together.

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2 Comments on “Back in Action – For Real This Time!”

  1. Frederick Says:

    Glad you are back in action! We missed you.

    As far as the plot point about Spock Prime, he had only been marooned there just before Nero destroyed Vulcan. Nero had been around for 25 years (in a Klingon prison planet Rura Penthe) when he escaped with his crew and retook the ship. That’s why Uhura intercepted a report that so many Klingon ships had been destroyed. That had been his escape battle. Nero knew when Spock was calculated to arrive (years later than he did) and escaped in time to capture him when he came through, and he immediately morroned him on Delta Vega, and went to destroy Vulcan.

  2. Jackie T Says:

    Really good to have you back! I missed all your caustic/affectionate comments. Yes, the fight scene is hilarious, but they all are, aren’t they.Keep posting, I look forward to it

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