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Star Trek References – The X-Files, Criminal Minds

January 9, 2010

I’ve been sitting around watching way too much TV this evening. To my surprise, both The X-Files and Criminal Minds brought me back to Star Trek!

The X-Files, Demons:

Mulder: “You’re a doctor, not a lawyer, Scully.”

OK, this obviously isn’t intended to be a Star Trek reference, but for the rest of my life, every time I hear someone say “I’m a doctor” or “You’re a doctor,” I’m going to think of Bones.

Criminal Minds, Compulsion:

Garcia: “Okay you know how on Star Trek when captain Kirk asks McCoy to do something totally impossible and McCoy says ‘Dammit Jim I’m a doctor, not a miracle worker?'”
Morgan: “Hey, what are you telling me, not to expect a miracle?”
Garcia: “No, I’m saying I’m not a doctor.”

Here are two more Criminal Minds Star Trek references:


1×19 – Tomorrow is Yesterday

January 8, 2010

Premise: After accidentally traveling back in time to 1969, the Enterprise rescues USAF Captain John Christopher from his crippled fighter jet. The crew struggles to return to their own time, while simultaneously returning Christopher to the Air Force, removing his knowledge of the future, and all record of contact with the Enterprise. (I took this from Wikipedia…too lazy to write my own summary this time.)

My first thought — oops, did I put on the wrong show? I’m not certain, but I think every episode so far has started with a shot of the Enterprise. This episode begins with a shot of an Air Force jet. But soon I realize that we are on Earth in the 60s – somehow the Enterprise has traveled back in time! Look at how adorable the cardboard cut-out Enterprise looks against the blue sky:

3:00 – Ooh, it’s a Spock/Uhura moment! Er, sort of. Uhura is lying pitifully on the floor, after the ship has been violently rocked by a cosmic event. Spock asks “Are you alright, Lieutenant?” Then, in one swift and rather unsympathetic motion, he hoists her up and puts her back in her chair, revealing a sliver of her white underwear in the process. Be a little more gentle, Spock!

13:03 – Eye roll!! We’ve got some blatant sexism here…but that’s part of the charm of Star Trek, right? The ship’s computer is broken – it’s stuck speaking in a sexy female voice, and it keeps calling Jim “Dear.” Spock gives a huge eye-roll (which unfortunately is too difficult to capture in a still). The computer is “affectionate” and “has an unfortunate tendency to giggle.” Spock gives a second mini eye roll when he explains that the computer was previously repaired on a female dominated-planet where they gave it a personality – “female, of course.” Their disdain for the female computer is irksome, but I’ll admit I wouldn’t want my computer talking to me in a phone sex voice either.

25:35 – We learn that Spock is an amazing multitasker and can do complex theoretical mathematics in his head. Spock is standing at a podium with his hands behind his back when a frantic McCoy comes up and asks him a few questions. Then McCoy interrupts Spock’s answer:

McCoy: “Shouldn’t you be working on your time warp calculations, Mr. Spock?!?”
Spock: [Eyebrow raise] “I am.”

McCoy looks shocked and annoyed. Ha.

31:00 – This is a hilarious fight sequence – you have to watch it. It makes me want to take a stage fighting class. The best part is when Kirk leaps into the guards’ arms:

I also love his skillful jump over a crawling guard:

38:24 – Sulu performs an amazing neck-chop that seems to work equally well as the Vulcan nerve pinch:

Baby Boomers, admit it – you tried both the neck-chop and the nerve-pinch on your friends. And someone always wound up crying.

38:50 – Spock touches Jim’s hand!!! After Jim punches out another guard, Spock takes Jim’s wrist and asks, “Don’t you find that painful, Captain?” Jim’s response: “Yes, I do.”

Cute cute cute!

Just a nice picture of Spock with a new hand position:

Note: Vulcan nerve pinch #4 and #5 occur in this episode.

Back in Action – For Real This Time!

January 8, 2010

Hello! As you can tell, I kind of let this blog go by the wayside during the summer and fall. But I just re-watched the movie on DVD with my dad, and it reminded me how much I love the characters – Spock especially, of course. So I am going to continue my journey through TOS! 🙂 Thank you soooo much for the positive feedback you’ve given me on my previous posts.

I’ll write more about the movie later, but here’s one question I have upon seeing it for the 3rd time – why does Spock Prime just wait around on Delta Vega for Vulcan to be destroyed? If he knows there is a Starfleet outpost on the planet, why doesn’t he go there to warn everyone about Nero? It seems as though he’d been stranded on Delta Vega for 25 years, so he had plenty of time to prevent billions of people from dying. Is this just a plot flaw? Other than this, I am pretty impressed with the alternate reality plot and how it still allows the original crew to come together.

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