1×17 – The Squire of Gothos

Premise: As the Enterprise passes by a “rogue planet,” Kirk and Sulu suddenly disappear from the bridge! A landing party beams down to the planet to search for them. On the planet they encounter a bizarre man named Trelane who is obsessed with Earth’s military history and can manipulate matter for his amusement. The crew manage to beam back aboard the ship, but Trelane traps the Enterprise by always keeping the rogue planet in its path. Kirk negotiates with him and agrees to play a version of “The Most Dangerous Game” in return for his crew’s freedom. Just when Trelane is about to kill Kirk, his parents appear and put a stop to his “fun” – turns out he’s just a child of some race of all-powerful beings.

0:45 -Kirk and Bones are fantasizing about the concept of a “desert,” and the idea of an oasis with palm trees. Spock sets ‘m straight:

Spock: “The precise meaning of the word ‘desert’ is a waterless, barren wasteland. I fail to understand your romantic nostalgia for such a place.”
McCoy: “Doesn’t surprise me, Mr. Spock. I can’t imagine a mirage ever disturbing those mathematically perfect brain waves of yours.”
Spock: “Thank you, Dr. McCoy.”

Ha, it’s cute that Bones is giving Spock a little jab, but Spock takes it as a compliment.

Just a nice shot of the trio:


49:05 – At the end of the episode, Spock makes some hilarious high-eyebrow facial expressions:


This was a goofy episode. Not on the top of my list. Not very many good Spock moments.

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