1×15 – Shore Leave

Premise: The crew of the Enterprise needs a break! So Kirk grants ‘shore leave’ on a beautiful planet that appears to be completely uninhabited by animal life. But strange and dangerous people and things start appearing on the planet, and the crew can’t figure out if they’re real or figments of their imaginations. McCoy dies (or so it seems) and Kirk gets beaten to a pulp by an old classmate. It’s a vacation they never bargained for.

This episode starts off with what has got to be one of the funniest Kirk/Spock moments in the whole series. Watch a clip of it here. Kirk gets a crick in his back, but he’s mistaken as to who is giving him a back rub…

Kirk: “Oooh…”
Spock: “Something wrong?”
Kirk: “A kink in my back…that’s it, a little, little higher…push, push harder…..dig in there, Mr. Sp-”
[Awkward pause]
Kirk: “Thank you, Yeoman, that’s sufficient.”

shore leave3

shore leave4

shore leave1

shore leave2

hahahahaha hahaaaaaaa ha-hahahe hehehe hoo hoo hoo haha ha ha. hahaha. heh. hoo… whew!! deep breath. The expressions on Kirk’s face are priceless. Kirk is obviously used to Spock giving him [private] back rubs, or else he wouldn’t make such a quick and natural assumption…

I bet Spock gives a good back rub. I’d like one.

5:15 – Spock can be such a dweeb:

Kirk: “Mr. Spock. We’re beaming down the starboard section first. Which section would you like to go with?”
Spock: “Not necessary in my case, Captain. On my planet, to rest is to rest. To cease using energy. To me it is quite illogical to run up and down on green grass using energy instead of saving it.”

6:35 – Kirk is resisting taking a rest on the planet, so Spock plays a little trick on him:

Spock: “I picked this up from Dr. McCoy’s log – we have a crewmember aboard who is showing signs of stress and fatigue. Reaction time down 9 to 12 percent, associational rating norm minus three.”
Kirk: “That’s much too low a rating.”
Spock: “He’s becoming irritable and quarrelsome yet he refuses to take rest and rehabilitation. Now he has that right, but we’ve found -”
Kirk: “A crewman’s right ends where the safety of the ship begins. Now, that man will go to shore on my orders. What’s his name?”
Spock: “James Kirk.” [Pause] “Enjoy yourself, Captain.”

Spock & McCoy were in cahoots on that one. Very nice.


43:05 – Kirk and Spock are running away from a tiger when suddenly a plane begins shooting at them, and they grab each other in fear!!! I like to see them clinging to one another. Happy sigh. 🙂 It was difficult to capture stills because they are moving so fast, but I took a few blurry ones:

shore leave8

shore leave9

shore leave10

shore leave11

46:55 – It’s quite amusing to see Spock with a woman on his arm:

shore leave13

Of course, she’s not his style, so he politely removes her from his arm and hands her off to Mr. Sulu with an under-chin touch:

shore leave14

What a fantastically weird episode! Definitely worth watching. I couldn’t really do it justice on this blog. I just went screen-capture-happy.

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7 Comments on “1×15 – Shore Leave”

  1. HQ Says:

    HA! Jove, I must have been spacing out when i first watched this episode because i COMPLETELY missed the whole back-rub bit! Glad i caught it here — it is outstandingly amusing.

  2. Frederick Says:

    I’m enjoying your blog! Thanks for visiting mine.

    it’s refreshing to read how a new Trekker sees the original series through fresh eyes, it really brings back mind why we old timers enjoyed it so much. Seeing your discovery of these things, and your take on them, is fun, as it reminds us of our own discoveries so long ago.

  3. the mysterious frog Says:

    i watched that very episode this morning!

    It is hilarious, especially the voice of the whit rabbit!

  4. the mysterious frog Says:

    I agrre that the original series is definately the best, there is nothing else to beat it. Shore leave is definately one of the best episodes in the first season!

  5. Jackie Says:

    I hadn’t realised that so many people are looking at the Original Series after seeing the 2009 movie. That is such good news! It is lovely to read first time impressions of something that’s been major in my life for 40 years – eeek!!I love this blog, and the comments on the episodes are hilarious. Well done and thank you.

  6. Mizzy Says:

    What annoyed me in this episode is that the girl from the episode right before this, the one that was supposed to get married, dies from the plane shooting her, yet none of the rest of the crew even care and leave with happy grins on their faces!

    • Closet Scrawler Says:

      A friend found this blog while looking for something else, and I’ve been enjoying the viewpoints so far. As others have said already (and probably will again) it’s fun to hear how some one is seeing my favorite show.

      I did want to mention, however, that the girl doesn’t die. You can even see her in the last screen cap here. She’s easy to miss, but she’s standing next to the guy she was with. Behind Spock, looking down. We are left to assume she was healed the same way McCoy was.

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