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Trekkie vs. Trekker

June 23, 2009

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure whether to call myself a Trekkie or a Trekker. In my life before Star Trek, I’d heard the term “Trekkie” much more often, and of I’d heard of the film Trekkies. So I that’s what I chose. According to Wikipedia, “Science Fiction editor Arthur W. Saha applied the term “trekkies” when he saw a few fans of the first season of Star Trek wearing pointy ears at a science fiction convention” back in 1967. So it seems that Trekkie came before Trekker, which would make it the original, correct term. However Wikipedia also tells me that “in the 1991 TV show Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Special, Leonard Nimoy attempts to settle the issue by stating that the term ‘Trekker’ is the correct one.” Whatever LN says, goes!

I’ve perused the web on the subject and found a lot of contradiction. According to one web site, “Trekker” refers to someone who takes a more intellectual approach to the show, nitpicks the scientific accuracy, and appreciates the writing, production, etc., while “Trekkie” refers to someone who is more obsessed with the characters, storylines, and entire fictional Star Trek universe. In that case, I’m a little of both!

In my search, I also came across a clip of the the William Shatner “Get a Life” sketch from SNL, in which the fans are referred to as “Trekkers” by the convention leader.

I hope that the Trekkers out there aren’t scoffing at my self-proclaimed Trekkie-ness. 😉 Which term do you prefer?


1×17 – The Squire of Gothos

June 23, 2009

Premise: As the Enterprise passes by a “rogue planet,” Kirk and Sulu suddenly disappear from the bridge! A landing party beams down to the planet to search for them. On the planet they encounter a bizarre man named Trelane who is obsessed with Earth’s military history and can manipulate matter for his amusement. The crew manage to beam back aboard the ship, but Trelane traps the Enterprise by always keeping the rogue planet in its path. Kirk negotiates with him and agrees to play a version of “The Most Dangerous Game” in return for his crew’s freedom. Just when Trelane is about to kill Kirk, his parents appear and put a stop to his “fun” – turns out he’s just a child of some race of all-powerful beings.

0:45 -Kirk and Bones are fantasizing about the concept of a “desert,” and the idea of an oasis with palm trees. Spock sets ‘m straight:

Spock: “The precise meaning of the word ‘desert’ is a waterless, barren wasteland. I fail to understand your romantic nostalgia for such a place.”
McCoy: “Doesn’t surprise me, Mr. Spock. I can’t imagine a mirage ever disturbing those mathematically perfect brain waves of yours.”
Spock: “Thank you, Dr. McCoy.”

Ha, it’s cute that Bones is giving Spock a little jab, but Spock takes it as a compliment.

Just a nice shot of the trio:


49:05 – At the end of the episode, Spock makes some hilarious high-eyebrow facial expressions:


This was a goofy episode. Not on the top of my list. Not very many good Spock moments.

1×16 – The Galileo Seven

June 21, 2009

Premise: The Enterprise is en route to deliver medical supplies to a colony in need, when they come across a Quasar. Kirk has standing orders to investigate all Quasar-like phenomena. A scientific party of seven – including Spock, Bones and Scotty – boards the Galileo shuttlecraft and heads out to investigate. The Galileo gets pulled off course and crashes onto a planet called Taurus II, which is inhabited by giant neanderthal-like creatures. Due to an ionization effect, they can’t contact or be seen by the Enterprise. Kirk only has a few days to find them before he must depart to deliver the supplies, and Spock has to find a way to keep his panicky crew in order and save all of their lives. This is a very Spock-centered episode!!

11:20 -Bones speculates that Spock is relishing his newfound position of power, as “Commander” of the Galileo crew, but Spock gives a very Spock-like response:

McCoy: “Well I can’t say much for the circumstances but at least it’s your big chance.”
Spock: “My big chance? For what, Doctor?”
McCoy: “Command.” [Pause] “Oh, I know you Mr. Spock. You’ve never voiced it but you’ve always thought that logic was the best basis on which to build command, am I right?”
Spock: “I am a logical man, Doctor.”
McCoy: “Well it’ll take more than logic to get us out of this.”
Spock: “Perhaps, Doctor, but I know of no other way to begin. I realize that command does have its fascinations, even under circumstances such as these. But I neither enjoy the idea of command, nor am I frightened by it. It simply exists. And I will do whatever logically needs to be done.”


40:40 – As Spock, Bones, and another crew member are racing back to the shuttle, one of the giant creatures throws a rock on top of Spock’s leg!!!! He yells “aaaauuuughghhhhhh!” Wow, I’ve never heard Spock yell like that. He tries to tell the others to leave him behind and take off, but of course they go back and pry him loose, saving his life. He limp-runs to the shuttle and makes it just in time. I like seeing Spock in trouble and Bones saving him…


46:57 – Kirk thinks that he’s lost the Galileo crew, and you can plainly read the sadness on his face:


But then Uhura tells him that they were saved just in time, and you can see the tears of relief in his eyes:


48:25 – The end of this episode is GREAT. Everyone is safely back on the bridge. Kirk tries to get Spock to admit that he made an emotional – rather than logical – decision:

Kirk: “Now Mr. Spock, there’s really something I don’t understand about all this, and perhaps you can explain it to me. Logically, of course. When you jettisoned the fuel and you ignited it, you knew that there was virtually no chance of it being seen, yet you did it anyhow. Now that would seem to me to be an act of desperation.”
Spock: “Quite correct, Captain.”
Kirk: “Now we all know – and I’m sure the doctor would agree with me – that desperation is a highly emotional state of mind. How does your well-known logic explain that?”
Spock: “Quite simply, Captain. I examined the problem from all angles, and it was plainly hopeless. Logic informed me that, under the circumstances, the only possible action would have to be one of desperation. Logical decision, logically arrived at.”
Kirk: “Ah-ha-ha-ha, I see. You mean you reasoned that it was time for an emotional outburst.”
Spock: “Well, I wouldn’t put it in exactly those terms, Captain, but those are essentially the facts.”
Kirk: “You’re not going to admit that for the first time in your life you committed a purely human emotional act?”
Spock: “No, sir.”
Kirk: [Laughs] “Mr. Spock – you’re a stubborn man.”
Spock: “Yes, sir.”
[Laughter erupts from everyone on the bridge. Kirk’s laugh is particularly funny.] 🙂

galileo3galileo4galileo5hehehehehe 🙂

General comments:

The crew of the Galileo are acting like irrational idiots. To use a word from middle school, they’re being total wusses! I would think being an officer on the Enterprise is kind of like being an astronaut-soldier. They’re supposed to be BRAVE. Yet they freak out and resent Spock for actually trying to save the lives of the majority. Kirk needs to give the entire Enterprise crew a stern talking to.

The words “logic” and “logical” are used excessively in this episode. Too many times for a drinking game, even.

I like seeing Kirk so worried about Spock and the other missing crew members. He calls them his “friends” and expresses that he feels a sense of “great loss.”

I looooove seeing Spock in charge and giving orders!!!
Spock: “Gentlemen. You will follow my orders. To the letter.”

Spock puts his hands on his hips a lot in this episode. He seems to do it when he’s perplexed or when he’s in the process of making a difficult decision. Spock uses a much narrower range of postures and body motions than any of the other characters, so it’s easy to notice when he does something out of the ordinary.


Spock on the Brain

June 10, 2009

Yesterday, when I was commuting to/from work, I saw two separate guys that I thought strongly resembled Zachary Quinto’s Spock. One of them had his mysterious eyes and dark complexion, one of them had his cute, slightly pursed lips. Mmmm, I obviously have Spock on the brain. I’ve already seen the movie twice, but I’m thinking about seeing it a third time on the big screen before it leaves the theater. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie 3 times in the theater, but Star Trek is worthy of the honor!!

This character has really swept me off my feet. Did you notice that in the movie he has the slightest little lisp (or am I crazy)? I thought it was adorable. One of my favorite moments is when Kirk finally pushes Spock over the edge and he beats Kirk up. I love the fact that Spock is so strong and powerful…he could easily and quickly kill someone. Something sexy about that incredible physical strength pent up inside a calm, disciplined, non-violent being.

Just look at how gorgeous he is:

And Mr. Quinto himself is beautiful, too. I don’t think Heroes is my thing, but it might be worth watching to see him. Although, maybe I should preserve my image of him as Spock – I don’t want Sylar’s evilness to change the way I feel about him.

Vulcan Neck Rub

June 9, 2009

Very cute. 😉 But Spock should look a wee bit happier!

1×15 – Shore Leave

June 8, 2009

Premise: The crew of the Enterprise needs a break! So Kirk grants ‘shore leave’ on a beautiful planet that appears to be completely uninhabited by animal life. But strange and dangerous people and things start appearing on the planet, and the crew can’t figure out if they’re real or figments of their imaginations. McCoy dies (or so it seems) and Kirk gets beaten to a pulp by an old classmate. It’s a vacation they never bargained for.

This episode starts off with what has got to be one of the funniest Kirk/Spock moments in the whole series. Watch a clip of it here. Kirk gets a crick in his back, but he’s mistaken as to who is giving him a back rub…

Kirk: “Oooh…”
Spock: “Something wrong?”
Kirk: “A kink in my back…that’s it, a little, little higher…push, push harder…..dig in there, Mr. Sp-”
[Awkward pause]
Kirk: “Thank you, Yeoman, that’s sufficient.”

shore leave3

shore leave4

shore leave1

shore leave2

hahahahaha hahaaaaaaa ha-hahahe hehehe hoo hoo hoo haha ha ha. hahaha. heh. hoo… whew!! deep breath. The expressions on Kirk’s face are priceless. Kirk is obviously used to Spock giving him [private] back rubs, or else he wouldn’t make such a quick and natural assumption…

I bet Spock gives a good back rub. I’d like one.

5:15 – Spock can be such a dweeb:

Kirk: “Mr. Spock. We’re beaming down the starboard section first. Which section would you like to go with?”
Spock: “Not necessary in my case, Captain. On my planet, to rest is to rest. To cease using energy. To me it is quite illogical to run up and down on green grass using energy instead of saving it.”

6:35 – Kirk is resisting taking a rest on the planet, so Spock plays a little trick on him:

Spock: “I picked this up from Dr. McCoy’s log – we have a crewmember aboard who is showing signs of stress and fatigue. Reaction time down 9 to 12 percent, associational rating norm minus three.”
Kirk: “That’s much too low a rating.”
Spock: “He’s becoming irritable and quarrelsome yet he refuses to take rest and rehabilitation. Now he has that right, but we’ve found -”
Kirk: “A crewman’s right ends where the safety of the ship begins. Now, that man will go to shore on my orders. What’s his name?”
Spock: “James Kirk.” [Pause] “Enjoy yourself, Captain.”

Spock & McCoy were in cahoots on that one. Very nice.


43:05 – Kirk and Spock are running away from a tiger when suddenly a plane begins shooting at them, and they grab each other in fear!!! I like to see them clinging to one another. Happy sigh. 🙂 It was difficult to capture stills because they are moving so fast, but I took a few blurry ones:

shore leave8

shore leave9

shore leave10

shore leave11

46:55 – It’s quite amusing to see Spock with a woman on his arm:

shore leave13

Of course, she’s not his style, so he politely removes her from his arm and hands her off to Mr. Sulu with an under-chin touch:

shore leave14

What a fantastically weird episode! Definitely worth watching. I couldn’t really do it justice on this blog. I just went screen-capture-happy.

1×14 – Balance of Terror

June 7, 2009

Premise: A line of Federation bases, guarding a “Neutral Zone” between Romulan and Federation territory, is being destroyed by a Romulan ship. The Enterprise gets the first-ever look at Romulans, and discovers that they physically resemble Vulcans. Kirk, with Spock’s advice, decides to attack the Romulan ship. The two ships battle back and forth, with the two Captains trying to outsmart one another.

Here’s the map of the Neutral Zone:

balance of terror3

16:15 – The crew members on the bridge have just gotten their first glimpse of the Romulans, who have pointy ears like Vulcans. Uhura intercepts a transmission from their ship. Lt. Stiles is suspicious of the fact that Spock resembles the Romulans and makes a quip about Spock being able to make the translation:

Uhura: “Cryptography is working on it sir.”
Stiles: [Under his breath] “Give it to Spock.”
Kirk: “I didn’t quite get that, Mr. Stiles?”
Stiles: “Nothing, sir.”
Kirk: “Repeat it.”
Stiles: “I was suggesting that Mr. Spock could probably translate it for you, sir.”
Kirk: “I assume you’re complimenting Mr. Spock on his ability to decode.”
Stiles: “I’m not sure, sir.”
Kirk: “Well here’s one thing you can be sure of, Mister. Leave any bigotry in your quarters. There’s no room for it on the bridge. Do I make myself clear?”

Awwww, Kirk is defending Spock against bigotry!!! That’s incredibly cute.

balance of terror2

24:25 – I found this little moment amusing – Kirk asks Spock about the composition of a planet and hold a book out to him to he can look it up, but Spock pushes the book down and the recites composition statistics from memory. Scotty gives a little Smirk. Spock must be able to hold a huge catalog of information in his brain.

balance of terror4

38:20 – Kirk is struggling with some self-doubt, and McCoy offers a profound statement: “In this galaxy, there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets, and in all the Universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us. Don’t destroy the one named Kirk.”

39:15 – The perfect and unerring Spock makes a mistake!! The Enterprise is trying to remain completely silent so they can hide from the Romulan ship, but Spock accidentally hits a button that causes some sort of signal alarm to go off. He looks a little embarassed and worried:

balance of terror6

45:20 – Spock saves the day!!! The phaser room has filled with smoke and Lt. Stiles has passed out. Spock rushes in and fires the phasers to disable the Romulan ship, then carries Stiles to safety.

balance of terror9

This was an entertaining and important episode. It was interesting to learn some of the history of the Federation/Romulan conflict. The plot was well-crafted – I enjoy a good battle between spaceships. A modernized version of this episode would make a good space war movie.

The Romulans in this episode are not intimidating at ALL. Based on their portrayal in the new Star Trek movie, I was expecting them to be totally badass. Perhaps over the course Stark Trek they will play a more prominent role and get a little more evil.

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