1×12 – The Menagerie Part II

Premise: The trial to convict Spock continues, while the Enterprise remains locked on course to Talus IV. The Court Marshall Committee continues to watch a video of past events, which is being transmitted from Talos IV. The video shows that the Talosians are capable of making a man see anything they wish him to see, and that they wanted to keep Captain Pike as breeding stock. The Talosians messed with Pike’s mind in an attempt to get him to fall in love with another woman they had captured. Pike’s resistance and his attempts to escape indicated that humans were too violent for the Talosians’ needs, so they let him go. It turns out Spock wants to bring Pike to Talus IV so that he can be mentally free of his disfigured, disabled body.

The younger version of Spock has side-swept bangs! I haven’t figured out whether that’s a styling choice to make him look younger, or whether Spock is disheveled due to the situation on Talus IV.


46:40 – The Talosians have just invited Captain Pike to live with them in peace on Talus IV. Kirk still wonders why Spock had to use the methods he used to get Pike to Talus IV:

Kirk: “Mr. Spock. Even if regulations are explicit you could have come to me and explained.”
Spock: “Ask you to face the death penalty, too?” [Shakes head] “One of us was enough, Captain.”

I really like it when Spock is protective of Kirk, or vice-versa. 🙂


48:05 – Kirk stops Spock as he’s about to bring Pike to the transporter room:

Kirk: “Mr. Spock, when you’re finished, please come back and see me, I want to talk to you. This regrettable tendency you’ve been showing lately towards flagrant emotionalism –
Spock: “I see no reason to insult me, Sir. I believe I’ve been completely logical about the whole affair.”

Spock turns around and exits, leaving Kirk with a bit of a baffled smile.


After all of the build-up across these two episodes, the payoff wasn’t quite good enough. Spock risked the death penalty, committed treachery, and stole the Enterprise all just to drop off his old captain on another planet? I had hoped there would be a more profound reason for visiting Talus IV than just to improve one man’s life. But I suppose it’s really sweet that Spock still feels such  strong loyalty and affection towards Captain Pike that he would go to such great lengths to set him free.

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One Comment on “1×12 – The Menagerie Part II”

  1. Frederick Says:

    Enjoying your first impressions on episodes that I first enjoyed in the 70’s! The Menagerie is one of my all-time favorites, both parts as a whole.

    Vina’s Green Orion Slave girl is one of my favorite parts in the flashback, as well as the battle on Rigel 7.

    All of the scenes from Captain Pike’s days were actually from the first pilot episode, made in 1964 before the regular series and with a different cast except for Nimoy. The reason he is so different was because his look and character were not yet settled and were rough around the edges. His emotional suppression was not even a part of his background at that point, Number One was the cold one. Later, when the series began production after the second pilot was approved (Where No Man Has Gone Before), his look and personality was refined.

    “The Cage,” as the first pilot was known, was incorporated very ingeniously by ROddenberry into the two-parter and seen in flashbacks as the plot moved forward. It was really a clever way to use the footage that couldn’t have been played during the series any other way!

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