1×11 – The Menagerie Part I

Premise: The Enterprise, responding to a message from Captain Pike, the former captain of the Enterprise, diverts to a planet to see him. They are surprised to find that he has been horribly burned/disfigured and could not have sent the message. It turns out that Spock lied about receiving it. Spock strands Kirk on the planet, beams Pike up to the Enterprise, and sets the ship on an irreversible course towards a planet called Talus IV. Visiting Talus IV is an offense that carries the death penalty. Kirk chases after Spock, gets aboard the Enterprise, and calls a trial, during which Spock submits for evidence a video of events that occurred 13 years ago, when Pike’s Enterprise visited Talus IV. We learn that the alien race that lives on Talus IV can turn thoughts into reality.

5:35 – Kirk and Commodore Mendez are arguing about why they can find no records of a message being sent from the planet to the Enterprise. The Commodore is suspicious of Spock (who supposedly received the message.) Kirk indicates that he blindly trusts his first officer:

Kirk: “Spock stated he received a message for us to come here. He entered same in his log. That’s all the proof I require.”

19:30 – Kirk is chasing the Enterprise in a shuttlecraft. The computer tells Spock that the shuttlecraft doesn’t have enough fuel to return safely back to the planet from which it came. Spock gives us some worried facial expressions in response. He’s like, Shit Jim, why did you have go and do that? He’s obviously worried about his Captain.


20:15 – Kirk is in the shuttlecraft, which has just run out of power. He speaks to Commodore Mendez:

Kirk: “Two hours of oxygen left. Part of me is hoping that the Enterprise won’t come back for us. We step on that deck, Spock is finished. Court marshalled. Disgraced.”

Did Kirk just admit that he would rather die than see Spock dishonored??? Well that’s just precious.

22:15 – Spock asks McCoy to have him arrested on the charge of mutiny. I’m not sure why, but it’s kind of sexy the way Spock matter-of-factly gives himself up for arrest. Uhura looks very worried (perhaps showing some of her attraction to Spock?) Spock is so calm, it’s obvious he has something up his sleeve.


24:50 – Another heart-wrenching quote from Kirk, demonstrating both his concern for Spock and his feeling of betrayal. In a voiceover, he says, “A preliminary hearing on Lieutenant Commander Spock is being convened, and in all the years of my service, this is the most painful moment I have ever faced.”

39:35 – A video of past events is playing on the screen in the trial room. It shows Spock, Pike, and their crew exploring Talus IV. Spock and Pike walk up to some blue leaves that make a soothing humming sound. The leaves obviously amuse Spock, who gives us a very rare tooth smile!!!


47:11 – The court is in recess. Kirk slowly stands up to face Spock.

Kirk: “Do you know what you’re doing? Have you lost your mind?”
Spock: “Captain – Jim – please. Don’t stop me. Don’t let him stop me. It’s your career, and Captain Pike’s life. You must see the rest of the transmission.”
[Long pause.]
Kirk: “Lock him up.”

I really like it whenever Spock calls Kirk “Jim.” And it’s very rare to hear Spock use the word “please.” You can tell that Kirk is extremely confused, conflicted, overwhelmed, and angry. But we know he still trusts Spock above all else.


This was a GREAT episode. It was very exciting to see Spock falsifying records, disobeying orders, and taking illegal actions (treachery and mutiny!) for a purpose we can’t yet discern. It was also interesting so see video of Spock from 13 years ago. The tension between Spock and Kirk in the courtroom was palpable. A riveting episode, for sure.

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3 Comments on “1×11 – The Menagerie Part I”

  1. HQ Says:

    eeeee! [grins absurdly, sets leaf picture as desktop background, bounces a bit].

  2. ViRo Says:

    hehe. đŸ™‚ i love how a simple smile is so exciting and adorable when it comes from a being who is normally so composed and unemotional. i wish i could grab a higher def image for you, but alas i can’t afford to invest in the DVDs just yet.

    ahhh, it’s fun to be obsessed…

  3. It’s in reality a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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