1×08 – MIRI

Premise: The crew visits a planet that is somehow an exact duplicate of Earth! But this planet is only populated by children. The landing party (aside from green-blooded Spock) becomes infected with a novel man-made virus that only attacks people who have gone through puberty. They must reason with the “wild” children and find a cure, or they’ll turn into crazy, violent, boil-covered beings and die!

4:10 – For some reason I find this moment really amusing – Kirk yells “Mr. Spock!” as though he’s found something really important. He picks up an old, broken tricycle, rings the bell, and hands it to Spock. What the heck does he expect Spock to do with it?!? Spock looks at it for like one second and passes it off to McCoy, who puts it down gingerly, as if it’s a living thing, and spins the back wheel. Um, it’s just a rusty old tricycle!


12:40 – Leonard Nimoy vaults over a stairway balcony onto the ground! Impressive, he does his own ‘stunts’! 😉 har har

16:30 – Spock is not affected by the disease, so naturally, he and McCoy trade quips about his differing anatomy:

Kirk: “Bones – why do you think the symptoms haven’t appeared on Mr. Spock?”
McCoy: “I don’t know – probably the little bugs or whatever they are have no appetite for green blood.”
(Kirk gives a little laugh.)
Spock: “Being a red-blooded human obviously has its disadvantages.”

37:10 – It’s fun to see Spock & McCoy hard at work over the beakers & microscopes, trying to create a vaccine. They so smaht!


Of course, as we learn by the end of the episode, a “vaccine” is actually a magical potion that instantly cures a disease. Literally two minutes after McCoy injects himself with the vaccine, his boils disappear and he’s cured. Incredible!

This was definitely my least favorite episode of the series so far, mainly because the children on the planet were so creepy. However, it did provide some interesting ethical commentary. The scientists on this Earth-like planet were trying to prolong the human life span, so that humans would only age 1 month in 100 years. It seems they succeeded, but they accidentally created an adult-killing virus in the process. The message? Don’t mess with the human life span, or the unintended consequences could wipe out our species altogether.

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One Comment on “1×08 – MIRI”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I agree with you about the moment with the rusty tricycle. It looks as if they thought there was something good potential in that moment but it just ran out of steam and ended up looking as absurd as you’ve just skillfully described. I love it!

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