1×04 – The Naked Time

Premise: An unknown alien disease infects the crew one by one. It acts sort of like alcohol, lowering defenses and making them act irrationally.

5:20 When Spock is getting his cardio readings…

McCoy: “Your pulse is 242, your blood pressure is practically non-existent…assuming you call that green stuff in your veins blood.”

Spock: “The readings are perfectly normal for me, doctor, thank you. And as for my anatomy being different from yours – I am delighted.”

Whoa! Quite a jab at Mr. McCoy! What do you think he really meant by “anatomy,” hmm? đŸ˜‰


23:24 – Yaaay! The first appearance of the Vulcan nerve pinch! Even as a non-trekkie, I knew of this famous maneuver. Spock has to use it on Sulu, who has become a sweaty, shirtless, fencing maniac.


24:30 – Spock gives an eye roll and a frustrated sigh. He’s like, Man, why do we get ourselves into these messes? This is such a pain.

34:00Wow, Nurse Christine is really hitting on Spock. He’s handling it well, but is he being affected by the strange disease? We’ll see…


35:10 – Oh God! Spock starts crying!! Is sadness the true emotion that he’s always hiding, and now it’s coming out? That would be sad. At 36:25 he has to tell himself, “I’m in control of my emotions! I’m in control of my….” Then he breaks down at the computer. He tries to do math in his head  to get control of himself, forcing out the words “six times six is thirty-six….” That’s so cute! But man, this is heartbreaking.


40:10 – Kirk finds a depressed Spock in the break room. Spock is feeling guilty that he never told his mother he loved her. In an attempt to knock some sense back into him, Kirk slaps him! And then he confesses, “Jim, when I feel friendship for you, I’m ashamed.” And Kirk slaps him again, twice. Then Spock stops him by grabbing his hand. After a moment of discourse, Kirk slaps him once more….and Spock slaps him back way harder, sending Kirk flying across the table! Hahaha. I love all these fake slaps on Star Trek.


46:40 – Spock comes onto the bridge, walks right over to Kirk and says “Are you alright, Jim?” Kirk says, “Are you?” Spock nods, with a very slight smile. It’s a shameful moment of friendship! Secretly, they’re both saying Sorry for slapping you around. I forgive you.

All in all, this was a pretty enjoyable episode. We got to see almost all of the actors over-acting as their characters are rendered irrational by this strange disease. We get a glimpse under Spock’s hard shell. And it’s always fun to see Kirk and Spock beat each other up.

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2 Comments on “1×04 – The Naked Time”

  1. Jackie Says:

    This was the one when the world saw what Spock was really like and went bonkers over him. This was the start of Spockmania. Which has continued uninterrupted for 43 years. You saw it here first folks. In Naked Time. And it was Leonard Nimoy’s insistence in shooting it the way it was shot which helped bring over the vulnerability of the character. History in the making!

  2. Josmo Says:

    This has to be my favorite episode. Spock in that black short-sleeved shirt (mmm!). Funniest and saddest moments on the show, from Riley singing very very badly on the intercom and the crazy paintbrush guy to poor Spock’s emotional breakdown.

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