1×03 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

Premise: The Enterprise passes through a strange energy field, which somehow heightens the ESP of one of the crew members. He grows more and more powerful, threatening to destroy the Enterprise.

What are these dorky lounge sweaters Kirk & Spock are wearing? It must be Sunday. I think it’s cute when Kirk & Spock play chess together. They are very comfortable around each other. Spock’s ever-logical approach to the game reminds me of some of the poker purists that I know.

Spock: “I’ll have you check-mated your next move.”

Kirk: (Laughs) “Have I ever mentioned you play a very irritating game of chess, Mr. Spock?”

Spock: (Feigns confusion) “Irritating?” (Slight smirk) “Ah, yes one of your Earth emotions.”

Kirk makes a chess move, and Spock is surprised by it. The smirk disappears from his face.

Kirk: “Certain you don’t know what irritation is?”

Spock: “The fact that one of my ancestors married a human female…”

Kirk: “Terrible, having bad blood like that.” [The game is interrupted by the intercom.]

where no man1

Spock’s eyebrows look different in every episode. What’s up with these nearly vertical, painted-on things?

where no man2

8:15 – I like how Spock takes charge when the Enterprise is entering the forcefield. He shouts out orders. Very macho. “Sensor beam on!” “Deflectors, full intensity!”

where no man3

16:00 – On the Enterprise, they read books on tape, and the flat scanned pages flash across the computer screen. Looks like the future to me!

where no man4

33:50 – Kirk is irritated that Spock has a phaser rifle that might potentially be used to kill his friend:

Kirk: “What makes you right and a trained psychiatrist wrong?”
Spock: “Because she feels. I don’t. All I know is logic.”
Sure, Spock. You don’t feel at all. Mm-hmm. We all know Spock has some slivers of feeling running through his green Vulcan veins.

49:00 – Jim is back on the bridge, and is clearly saddened by the loss of his crew member and friend. Spock walks over to him:

Spock: “I felt for him, too.”
Kirk: (Pause) “I believe there’s some help for you after all, Mr. Spock.”
They share a solemn smile. Aww.

Side note: It’s funny how the starfleet attire comes in so many different designs. Even a fuzzy blue cow-next sweater!

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3 Comments on “1×03 – Where No Man Has Gone Before”

  1. blueofthekin Says:

    While you may have surmised this already, the costume differences are because this was actually the first episode filmed (excluding the original pilot which featured Captain Pike instead of Kirk). You are watching the series in airing order, not filming order (not that it matters much), so occasionally you’ll see costume/set designs that aren’t quite the same and then go back to normal in the next episode.

    Random Trekkie knowledge dump – hope you’re enjoying your voyage!

    • Violet Robin Says:

      Interesting! I did realize that I’m watching in airing rather than filming order, but I hadn’t thought about how that would affect costume and set design (and Spock’s eyebrows!) from episode to episode.

  2. Bill Melater Says:

    Keep Sharpies away from Spock.

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