TOS is Available Online

I will be starting from the beginning, watching Star Trek: The Original Series on You Tube. Click here if you want to join me in watching the episodes!

I love that so many TV series are available on the Internet nowadays. Pretty soon, I assume that all TV with be available online, perhaps for a fee. I would gladly pay $15 a month to have access to every TV show ever. Yikes, just imagine how much time I would waste!

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One Comment on “TOS is Available Online”

  1. SJK11 Says:

    I see that you’re watching the episodes online. I love YouTube!

    Anyway, did you know about the original first episode called The Cage? YouTube doesn’t have that, but I rented it from my local library and thought it was worth you seeing. That was before Spock became the emotionless, logical alien. Still a good episode.

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